If you could take 30 seconds to change the world, would you do it?


We have launched a social awareness campaign, “Be Nice, Do Nice Challenge” tied to our flagship apparel dedicated to inspiring, motivating and empowering people to Be Nice and Do Nice. After reaching the original goal of 1,000 acts of Nice in just one month, we have decided to aim even higher, hoping to inspire 100,000 acts of Nice!

Each piece of apparel has a custom act of Nice attached to it. Every purchase is a commitment to accept your Nice challenge! Complete your Nice act or one of the many options below and help us change our world, 30 seconds at a time. 

Next, share and submit your act of Nice by following @LiveLifeNice and tagging #livelifeNice to their post. Each post will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Live Life Nice prize each month!

Need Nice ideas?
  1. Buy someone breakfast
  2. Buy someone brunch
  3. Buy someone lunch
  4. Buy someone dinner
  5. Take your parents out to eat
  6. Take your grandparents out to eat
  7. Take your siblings out to eat
  8. Take your kids out to eat
  9. Buy someone coffee
  10. Buy a toy for a kid
  11. Buy someone flowers
  12. Donate to a charity
  13. Pay for someone’s manicure/pedicure
  14. Pay for someone’s haircut
  15. Pay for a spa day
  16. Bake cookies for someone
  17. Go grocery shopping and donate food to homeless shelter
  18. Buy lemonade @ lemonade stand
  19. Pay for someone’s laundry @ laundromat
  20. Pay for someone’s gas
  21. Treat someone to the movies
  22. Buy someone’s snacks @ movies
  23. Pay for car wash
  24. Pay for people’s parking meters
  25. Leave positive sticky notes for people to read
  26. Buy school supplies to donate to schools in need
  27. Help someone move
  28. Pay for bus ride
  29. Pay for train ride
  30. Pay for cab ride
  31. Leave a generous tip @ a restaurant
  32. Tape dollars to a vending machine
  33. Pay for someone’s dry cleaning
  34. Buy nice cards and give to those you care about
  35. Pay for someone’s toll on highway
  36. Put together a care package for military overseas
  37. Buy Girl Scout cookies
  38. Bring coffee to the office
  39. Pay for person behind you in drive thru
  40. Go grocery shopping for elderly
  41. Donate food or toys to animal shelter
  42. Leave a dollar in the toy aisle of the dollar store
  43. Buy a gift card to a food store/restaurant and give to homeless
  44. Call your mother
  45. Call your father
  46. Call your siblings
  47. Call your grandparents
  48. Call your aunts
  49. Call your uncles
  50. Give your leftovers to a homeless person
  51. Donate old clothes
  52. Tell your family you love them
  53. Tell your friends you love them
  54. Tell a teacher you appreciate them
  55. Hold the door for somebody
  56. Hold the elevator for somebody
  57. Help an elderly person cross the street
  58. Give out free hugs
  59. Offer to help an elderly person with their groceries
  60. Create a holiday to celebrate someone you love
  61. Compliment a stranger
  62. Write a letter to a child who is sick in the hospital
  63. Send flowers to a hospital
  64. Send flowers to a nursing home
  65. Send dessert to another table at a restaurant
  66. Pay for another table’s meal
  67. Give up your seat on park bench
  68. Put a surprise note in your child’s lunch box
  69. Put a surprise note in your spouse’s lunch for work
  70. Give your mail carrier a cold water bottle
  71. Give your mail carrier a treat
  72. Give your mail carrier a coffee
  73. Give out water bottles to people working out
  74. Offer to take someone’s grocery cart back into the store
  75. Clean up litter
  76. Send cards to nursing homes
  77. Make dinner for a family in need
  78. Send a text to a relative you haven’t spoken to in awhile
  79. Send a text to a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile
  80. Plant a tree
  81. Encourage someone to pursue their dreams
  82. Give blood
  83. Make blankets for the homeless
  84. Be a designated driver
  85. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway/ sidewalk when it snows
  86. Donate used books to the local library
  87. Walk dogs at an animal shelter
  88. Wash someone’s car
  89. Clean up a beach
  90. Clean up a park
  91. Volunteer at a veterinarian office
  92. Teach someone how to swim
  93. Teach someone how to play a sport
  94. Teach someone how to cook
  95. Donate your hair
  96. Sing holiday carols at a nursing home
  97. Let someone in front of you in line
  98. Offer to run errands for someone
  99. Leave letters of encouragement on people’s cars
  100. Buy an ice cream cone for a child
  101. Buy a candy bar for a child
  102. Buy a toy for a child
  103. Give your unused coupons to someone at the grocery store
  104. Become an organ donor
  105. On trash day, wheel your neighbor’s trash cans to the curb
  106. Volunteer to read to children at a library
  107. Volunteer to read to the elderly at a nursing home
  108. Take your spouse on a date
  109. Take your kids on a special trip
  110. Surprise your spouse with coffee in bed
  111. Surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed
  112. Recycle
  113. Foster an animal
  114. Leave a nice note on someone’s desk
  115. Organize a collection to help someone in trouble
  116. Lend a friend a favorite book
  117. Lend a friend a favorite movie
  118. Do laundry for your roommate
  119. Make dinner for your roommate
  120. Help your roommate clean their room
  121. Help tutor a struggling student
  122. Help someone shovel the snow off their sidewalk
  123. Send an encouraging text/email
  124. Leave some change on a wishing fountain
  125. Help out in the kitchen
  126. Donate used towels/blankets to an animal shelter
  127. Leave quarters at the Laundromat
  128. Make someone a music playlist
  129. Offer to take a photo for somebody
  130. Take time to give someone who looks lost directions
  131. Stop and help someone with a flat tire
  132. Have jumper cables in your car to offer to jump start cars
  133. Donate old prom dresses
  134. Donate lightly used makeup to women’s shelters
  135. Get a team together to repaint the local playground
  136. Replace the nets on school yard basketball courts
  137. Let your spouse/roommate watch their TV show
  138. Print copies of photos and send them to the people who are in them
  139. Give warm clothes & boots to the homeless
  140. Keep an extra umbrella at work and lend it out when it rains
  141. Cut out an article and send it to someone, “this reminds me of you”
  142. Send a song to someone, “this reminds me of you”
  143. Reach out to someone who has made a difference in your life
  144. Donate gently worn shoes to the homeless
  145. Donate gently worn shoes to foster homes
  146. Donate gently worn shoes to schools
  147. When donating coats put encouraging notes in the pockets
  148. Bring a meal to a new mom and her family
  149. Offer to clean up for a new mom and her family
  150. Invite someone over for dinner
  151. Do a 5k for a good cause
  152. Buy flowers to hand out on the street
  153. Leave nice comments on social media
  154. Leave nice comments on blogs
  155. Leave nice comments on articles
  156. Send your friend a letter instead of a text
  157. Send a family member a letter instead of a text
  158. Buy your server dessert
  159. Give up your seat on a crowded bus
  160. Give up your seat on a crowded train
  161. Give up your seat on a plane so a couple/family can sit together
  162. Offer a ride to someone who is car-less
  163. Send coloring books to sick kids in hospitals
  164. Send coloring books to elementary schools
  165. Help out the janitors at school
  166. Prepare a meal for your family
  167. Prepare a meal for your friends
  168. Go to your friend’s kid’s game
  169. Go to your friend’s kid’s recital
  170. Go to your friend’s kid’s play
  171. Start mentoring a younger child
  172. Water your neighbor’s flowers
  173. Pack someone a lunch for the day
  174. Mow the lawn for your neighbors
  175. When you see a well behaved child compliment the parents
  176. When you see a well behaved dog compliment the owners
  177. Rake the leaves for your neighbors
  178. Help at a veterinarian office
  179. Let someone else have their way without putting up a fight about it
  180. Make hot chocolate for your family on a cold day
  181. Build a fire for your family on a cold day
  182. Send a surprise book to someone
  183. Send a surprise movie to someone
  184. Set a day to unplug with your entire family
  185. Have a friends dinner, no phones!
  186. Have a play-date with your kids and leave the phone at home
  187. Collect soda tabs for charity
  188. Do a load of laundry for new parents
  189. Do the dishes for new parents
  190. Clean up a mess you didn’t make
  191. Write a thank you note for someone who helps you
  192. Donate your loose change to charity
  193. Spend the day at a homeless shelter
  194. Leave pennies heads up for people to find for good luck
  195. Leave a $5 gift card for a stranger to find
  196. Bring thank you notes to your local police station
  197. Bring thank you notes to your local fire station
  198. Bring thank you notes to your local animal shelter
  199. Anonymously buy a pack of diapers for a mom
  200. Pay for a soldiers food
  201. Pay for a police officers food
  202. Remind people of their importance even after failure
  203. Treat an elderly neighbor with dinner
  204. Start a conversation with someone standing alone at a party
  205. Bring gift baskets to patients at the hospital
  206. Bring gift baskets to the local police station
  207. Bring gift baskets to the local fire station
  208. Bring gift baskets to your child’s school for all the teachers
  209. Bring gift baskets to your local animal shelter
  210. Buy soda or a candy bar for the cashier when you’re checking out
  211. Take care packages to patients at the hospital
  212. Leave a gas gift card for someone at the pump
  213. Make care bags for the homeless
  214. Smile at a stranger
  215. Write a recommendation for a coworker or connection
  216. Send a gratitude email to a coworker who deserves more recognition
  217. Be Nice to yourself
  218. Help a mother with her baby stroller
  219. Become a Big Brother or Sister
  220. Bring cookies to your local librarians
  221. Bring coffee to your local librarians
  222. Volunteer at your local free library
  223. Donate arts & crafts supplies at your local free library
  224. Tip the musician
  225. Tip a street performer
  226. Donate your old eyeglasses so someone else can use them
  227. Write a kind message on a mirror with dry erase marker
  228. Write a kind message on a car window with dry erase marker
  229. Try to make every person in a group conversation feel included
  230. Have a treat delivered to a friend
  231. Have dinner delivered to your family
  232. Have lunch delivered to co-workers
  233. Have coffee delivered to a friend
  234. Volunteer to coach your child’s sports team
  235. Volunteer to coach a youth sports team in your area
  236. Bring your partner coffee in bed
  237. Compliment someone in front of others
  238. Talk to someone at work who you haven’t spoken to before
  239. Talk to someone at school who you haven’t spoken to before
  240. Frame your friend’s favorite lyric or quote and give it to them with a nice note
  241. Dog or cat sit for free
  242. Help clean up a local dog park
  243. Donate sports equipment to a rec center
  244. Donate sports equipment to a school
  245. Donate athletic apparel to a rec center
  246. Donate athletic apparel to a school
  247. Tell someone why they’re important to you
  248. Reduce air pollution by carpooling
  249. Send a gift to your doctor
  250. Bring treats to the local police station
  251. Bring coffee to the local police station
  252. Say yes at the store when the cashier asks if you want to donate to a cause
  253. Offer to take a new coworker out to lunch
  254. Show a new coworker around and the places to get lunch
  255. Bring dog or cat food to an animal shelter
  256. Help someone with a project
  257. Help someone who is struggling with heavy bags
  258. Buy someone a book they’ve been wanting
  259. Buy someone a t-shirt they’ve been wanting
  260. Buy someone a movie they’ve been wanting to see
  261. Leave your extra change at a bus stop
  262. Be Nice to the customer service rep on the phone
  263. Bring soup to someone who is sick
  264. Do the dishes even if it isn’t your dirty dishes
  265. Donate children’s toys to a school
  266. Donate children’s toys to a hospital
  267. Donate children’s toys to a doctor’s office
  268. Let someone cross the road
  269. Offer someone a pen when they need it
  270. Spend time with your family
  271. Have dinner with your family every night
  272. Let your family know you value them
  273. Take a day not to complain to others
  274. Live by the Golden Rule
  275. Take time to remember other people’s names
  276. Leave your neighbors a note that tells them how much you admire them
  277. Give gifts or thank yous to your children’s teachers
  278. Volunteer to serve a meal at a local shelter
  279. Donate diapers to foster homes
  280. Donate diapers to low income families
  281. Give away unused coupons at the grocery store
  282. Invite someone who would be alone around the holidays for dinner
  283. Volunteer in your child’s classroom at school
  284. Name a star after someone
  285. Read a book to someone
  286. Write a poem for a friend
  287. Relay an overheard compliment
  288. Donate new pajamas to foster kids
  289. Give your mom a shout out on your birthday
  290. Buy parking passes for hospital visitors
  291. Buy train tickets for commuters
  292. Buy bus tickets for commuters
  293. Clean the inside of someone’s car
  294. Clean someone’s house
  295. Leave diapers and wipes in a public restroom for moms
  296. Ask an elderly neighbor if they need help around their home
  297. When shopping pick things up that have fallen off the shelves
  298. Set the table for dinner
  299. Clear the table after dinner
  300. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen
  301. Volunteer at your local YMCA
  302. Volunteer at your local Boy’s & Girl’s Club
  303. Make a get well card for someone
  304. Donate flowers after an event to a nursing home or hospital
  305. Buy a $5 gift card and tape it to a random shopping cart
  306. Organize a block party for a new neighbor
  307. Give coupons to local favorites to new neighbor
  308. Get a gift for your children’s coaches
  309. Organize lunch for the staff at your children’s school
  310. Leave happy notes on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk
  311. Research your family tree and share what you learned with other family members
  312. Leave power bars/granola bars in the gym locker room
  313. Do a load of laundry for someone
  314. Bring a case of water and orange slices to your kid’s sport practices
  315. Bring coffee for the other parents at your kid’s sport practices
  316. Reconnect with an old friend you’ve lost touch with over the years
  317. Let your spouse sleep in when it’s his/her turn to get up early with the kids
  318. Let your spouse go to bed early and you clean up
  319. Drop off treats at your local post office
  320. Drop off coffee at your local post office
  321. Drop off treats at your local fire station
  322. Drop off coffee at your local fire station
  323. Donate to a friend’s favorite charity in their name
  324. Donate to a family member’s favorite charity in their name
  325. Order magazine subscriptions for a nursing home
  326. Send something to a caregiver of an elderly
  327. Figure out a friend/family member’s half birthday and surprise them with a little treat
  328. Send someone lunch at work
  329. Send someone a coffee at work
  330. Spend time with your grandparents
  331. Spend time with your extended family who you don’t see as much
  332. Recycle things that you see on the road
  333. Help sick animals find homes
  334. Perform a concert at a retirement home
  335. Perform a concert at an elementary school
  336. Perform a concert at a children’s hospital
  337. Walk a neighbor’s dog
  338. Pay for someone’s dry cleaning
  339. Help tutor a struggling student
  340. Take time to appreciate the sunrise and sunset
  341. Write a list of things you like about a friend
  342. Donate your holiday gifts
  343. Instead of birthday gifts ask people to donate to a charity
  344. Tell someone you’re happy to see them
  345. Tell a joke or make someone laugh
  346. Tell a pregnant women that she’s glowing
  347. Tell your boss that a coworker is doing a good job
  348. Arrive on time
  349. Let a car merge
  350. Donate prepaid phone cards to a women’s shelter
  351. Decorate kindness rocks
  352. Say “Thank you”
  353. Say “Please”
  354. Leave a box of tennis balls at the dog park for dogs to play with
  355. Offer that old cell phone, laptop, TV, or computer to someone in need
  356. Recommend somebody for a job opening
  357. Say “Thank you” when someone lets you cross the street
  358. Buy your significant other flowers
  359. Buy your significant other a gift card to his favorite restaurant
  360. Give your loved ones a hug
  361. Carry someone’s bag for them
  362. Say “Bless you” when someone sneezes
  363. Praise someone’s work, including kids
  364. Say “Have a Nice day” to someone
  365. Comfort someone who looks upset
  366. Share and encourage kids to do the same
  367. Organize a fundraiser
  368. Buy a gas gift card and leave it at the pump for someone to find
  369. Compliment a friend
  370. Compliment a family member
  371. Give snacks or water to the bus driver
  372. When donating books to a library leave encouraging notes inside
  373. Bring flowers to your teachers
  374. Tell a manager how good your service was
  375. Put money on a stranger’s layaway bill
  376. Say “Thank you” when you see service members
  377. Make busy bags for families with children
  378. Put a small bin in your car to collect recycling
  379. Introduce yourself to your neighbors
  380. Let your neighbors know that you’re there for them if they need any help
  381. Be thoughtful
  382. Be empathetic
  383. Help people if they are moving
  384. Volunteer at a department of corrections
  385. Hold your tongue - take your negative energy and put it into something good
  386. Have clothing that your friend always compliments you on? Give it to them or buy them one that’s the same or similar
  387. Help someone whose car has broken down
  388. Offer to go to the store for someone that is unable
  389. Connect people to each other
  390. Be patient
  391. Be someone’s cheerleader
  392. Tell your boss how much you like working for them
  393. Tell your boss how much you’ve learned from them over the years
  394. Bake a cake for the birthday person
  395. Recognize the good in others
  396. Stand up for the underdog
  397. Instead of throwing away lost items put them in the “lost and found” bin
  398. Create a happy book with all good memories of you and a family member or friend and send it to them
  399. Fill up the gas tank for a loved one
  400. Leave a Nice note in the car for your loved one
  401. Compliments someone's hairstyle / cut
  402. Offer to stay late for a coworker
  403. Create a “dress-up” box for a kid
  404. Pick up the tab when out to dinner with a group of people
  405. Be understanding
  406. Go to your friends art opening
  407. Keep the plans you wanted to cancel
  408. Be inviting- ask others to do things with you
  409. Be understanding  and helpful to traveling parents with cranky kids
  410. Pack extra snacks and offer them to your co-workers or friends
  411. Compliment people on their homes
  412. Compliment people on their outfits
  413. Respond timely to others
  414. Lend your expertise
  415. Help an elderly neighbor decorate their house for the holidays
  416. Listen to your friends good news
  417. Selflessly promote others
  418. Call your in-laws
  419. Have you discovered something that changed your life? Share what you know
  420. Spread an act of Niceness that was done to you
  421. Be kind to your server
  422. Send an encouraging email
  423. Send an encouraging text message
  424. Send an encouraging letter
  425. Text someone good morning or good night
  426. Write down someone’s best qualities and give it to them
  427. Start using reusable water bottles and coffee mugs
  428. Start a community garden
  429. Share your study guide
  430. Give someone the benefit of the doubt
  431. Give out lemonade on a hot day
  432. Make a handmade card for someone
  433. Leave pumpkins around for people on Halloween
  434. Paint positive messages on pumpkins
  435. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store
  436. Make an effort to learn something new about a coworker
  437. Build a birdhouse and fill it with birdseed
  438. Create bookmarks with positive notes and give them to libraries or leave them inside books
  439. Bring someone a souvenir when you go on a trip
  440. Endorse a skill for someone on LinkedIn
  441. Hold a Teddy Bear drive and then donate to a local shelter in need
  442. Share your favorite recipe
  443. Talk about a charity or non-profit you love to spread the word for others to donate
  444. Leave happy notes around your house
  445. Set up a lemonade stand and donate the profits
  446. Slip a nice note in your friends bag
  447. Organize the bookshelf or workspace
  448. Fill a kindness jar for a family member or co-worker
  449. Tell someone why they are special to you
  450. Make a kindness video to share with others
  451. Let someone listen to the music they like during a car ride
  452. Let someone else pick the movie to watch
  453. Let someone else pick the restaurant for dinner
  454. Buy lottery tickets and give them out to people on the streets
  455. Let someone into traffic when it looks like they’re in a rush
  456. Let a debt go that someone owes you
  457. Knit blankets or hats that can be given to a children’s hospital
  458. Send someone an ecard for a special occasion
  459. Leave a newspaper or book at a coffee house for the next person
  460. Forgive someone who has wronged you
  461. Buy an inspirational book for someone who needs encouragement
  462. Make a special date with your child(ren), just you and them. Take them somewhere special!
  463. Enter someone in a contest that you think deserves more recognition
  464. Always keep your word
  465. Learn more about a topic you know someone loves so you can talk to them about it
  466. Do research on a topic someone loves and print it out to send it to them
  467. Pick up clothes at department stores that you see have fallen off hangers
  468. Be honest
  469. Throw someone a surprise party
  470. Be an exercise buddy for someone who wants to lose weight
  471. Give balloons out to children you pass on the street
  472. Invite someone new to dinner
  473. Help others with acts of kindness
  474. Take the time to talk to someone about their new business venture
  475. Support and encourage someone who has a new business venture
  476. Support a local business
  477. Write a positive review of a place you enjoyed
  478. Bring a newspaper to someone’s doorstep that is sitting at the top of their driveway
  479. Help a neighbor with their garden
  480. Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  481. Leave a bag of popcorn and a dollar (in quarters) taped to a Redbox machine
  482. Leave a dollar (in quarters) taped to a vending machine
  483. Refill an expired parking meter
  484. Leave extra coupons in front of the corresponding items for strangers at the store
  485. Take your neighbors garbage bins back
  486. Pay for the toll of the person behind you
  487. Set up an account with Amazon Smile
  488. Reach out to someone you know is having a rough time
  489. Make a sunrise date with someone you care about
  490. Offer to take a neighbors dog for a walk when they are busy
  491. Bring a board game to play at a senior center
  492. Tell a joke and make someone laugh
  493. Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you
  494. Bring coloring books and crayons to a family shelter
  495. Introduce two friends that you think would get along
  496. Leave a Nice note on a random car
  497. Leave a Nice note on someone’s desk
  498. Leave flowers on a stranger's doorstep
  499. Send someone a gratitude journal
  500. Surprise the office with cupcakes
  501. Surprise the office with donuts
  502. Support your local farmers and markets
  503. Host a car wash and donate the funds

Do you have a Nice idea that isn't listed above? Please comment below or send to info@livelifenice.com 

Have a Nice day! 

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  • You are a really nice person. Keep up the good work . Everyone in Philly loves you man just do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joshua on
  • You are a really nice person. Keep up the good work . Everyone in Philly loves you man just do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joshua on
  • I want to write letters and make myself aware of needs around me to my neighbors.

    VIckie Aton on
  • Thank you Live Life Nice for all you do for the LLS Mission! We love Live Life Nice!

    Lauren Iannucci on
  • - Mentor a student with disabilities
    - Partner with an underperforming school district and inspire students to graduate from high school

    The list is endless when thinking about living life nice and giving back to students. I am a Supervisor of Special Education for a school district close to Philly. We have an amazingly talented and diverse student body, mostly comprised of students who fall into the lower socioeconomic category. We (the administrative team) are working diligently to change the negative culture associated with our students and schools. I’m looking to create “moments” for our students to motivate and reward them. I believe building a partnership together would be immensely beneficial for your foundation and for the students in the district where I work.

    Thank you for your time!!

    Becky (and yes, I got that good hair)

    Becky Kohr on
  • This is awesome. Keep up the good work and positive vibes! Feels great to be nice 😁🙏

    Matt on
  • This is awesome. Keep up the good work and positive vibes! Feels great to be nice 😁🙏

    Matt on
  • The list I just read, – Kind Ideas; that is my life. I’m 62 and can account for 99% of doing, being all of those things. I can honestly say, throughout my life, it has been rare that I found someone soulmateish, someone who understood why I chose kindness over aggression, or attitude. I have been fortunate to find a handful, including two husbands, three children, and their spouses and three grandchildren. We are close and kind people. :) But I would very much like to be a part of something that shows ‘proudness’ and courage to challenge all that are listening with this movement. What, when,where, can I get involved? thank you in advance. Have a great day, and if you celebrate, merry christmas. :)

    Jillmainst@yahoo.com on

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