Video: Christian takes on Q102′s Jingleball Red Carpet

January 2, 2014


Christian takes on Q102′s Jingleball Red Carpet:

Philadelphia, PA – December 2013

Written By Adam Itkoff

Christian Crosby takes the red-carpet interview and turns it into an art form in our latest exclusive #Nice video. Some might be intimidated by interviewing award winning artists and throwing stellar questions at them right off the cuff. Well, not Christian. He’s got a PhD in celebrity schmoozing.

How does one develop chemistry with multiple pop-star sensations while representing #NiceBrand to the fullest? Well, you’re going to have to watch our latest video to find out. And how does Christian even manage to sneak onto the red carpet without getting tackled by multiple bodyguards? Another one of his famous secrets, I guess.

In this video, Christian discusses leathers influence on bodily temperature regulation with Jason Derulo, and most importantly, asks Jason if he considers himself to be a “Nice Guy”. We confirm that Jason really is a #NiceGuy, and he reflects on the mentality of spreading good and doing good in this brief and hilarious interview. Did you know that Jason Derulo won Songwriter of the Year in 2011, and was nominated for Best International Artist in 2013? We’ve got to give it up to Jason, he might just be one of the #Nicest guys that’s shouted out the brand thus far.

Fall Out Boy was also on the Red Carpet, and we got answers all across the board from these guys. As one of the biggest contemporary rock acts in the world, Christian is already doing damage just by sharing the red carpet with this tight knit squad of power pop punk. While the topic was debated, we think that Fall Out Boy definitely meets the #Nice criteria as well.

Who else?

How about Flo Rida and Fifth Harmony, who show some love to Christian as well. I swear, Christian winds up backstage with Fifth Harmony at least once a week, so it probably won’t be long until he’s setting up another interview with these glamorous gals.

All in all, Q102’s Jingleball 2013 was an epic affair, with a massive crowd and some of the greatest international acts of all time sharing the same stage. Christian doesn’t let up, and next year it might just be called the #NiceBrand Ball of 2014.

We’re happy to enter the new year with this dedicated and growing fan base, and can’t wait to bring you more of our  #NiceGuys exclusive coverage!

Video: Nice Guys Join Q102′s Jingleball 2013

December 17, 2013


Jingleball 2013:

Q102′s 2013 Jingleball

Written By Adam Itkoff

It’s that time of year and Christian Crosby knows it! The holiday spirit is in full swing, and along with it, the #NiceGuys are already in the mix to spread the holiday cheer. This year, Christian Crosby and the #NiceGuys found themselves, cameras and press passes in hand, with some of the biggest pop acts from around the globe. At Q102’s Jingle Ball 2013, some of the absolute hottest acts came into town to melt the snowy streets of Philadelphia. This lineup was absolutely stacked, with chart smothering acts like Robin Thicke, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Fifth Harmony, Jason Derulo and many more. And the crowd knew it because tickets went like hot cakes and eggnog.

The stadium was a hub of flashing lights and pounding sounds, as each act outdid the next and sent adoring fans into an absolute frenzy. Christian was feeling it (as always) and danced with the fans, interviewed some superstars on #NiceCam, and ultimately got down to the beat. Q102’s Maxwell was also along for the ride. Maxwell and Christian are obviously a powerhouse team, and watching these two on the red carpet together seems like a match made in heaven.

This video is a jam-packed two-minute trailer with all of the major event highlights. You’ll see a superstar strip tease, some impossible high-notes get hit, holiday dance moves, a whole lot of lasers, and thousands and thousands of fans overflowing the stadium. This Jingle Ball was the real deal; with a turnout like this one, and fans this devoted, tickets are probably already selling out for 2014.

Now if you know Christian, you’ll know he’s already got tricks up his sleeve for a #NiceGuys Christmas, and probably a #NiceGuys New-Years too.

#NiceGuys Join Q102′s Terror Tour

November 21, 2013


Q102 Terror Tour:

#NiceGuys Crew Joins 2013 Terror Tour

The #NiceGuys crew teamed up with Q102 & Maxwell for the month of October for all of the Terror Tour stops. Enjoy videos of all the fun!


Video: Made In America 2013

November 21, 2013
Budweiser Made in America Festival - Day 2


Made In America 2013:

Christian Takes On Made In America For Round 2

Written By Adam Itkoff

Wait, was that a #NiceGuy shout-out from Amber Rose? The #NiceGuys must be at it again. Christian Crosby takes us for a journey through “Made In America” in Philadelphia for the second year in a row. Here, Christian throws himself into the mix and spreads the #Nice cheer with unbridled enthusiasm. Before the day is through, he gets down with the fans, has an “extreme” push-up contest, gets fed free food (say that three times fast), dances until he’s drenched (of course), and finally crowd surfs just to add the cherry on top.

Quick tip: you should probably invite the #NiceGuys to your wedding to help liven up the crowd. These guys get the job done. And this year Christian has a press-pass. So he’s “legally” allowed to get all of this stellar footage. As if those silly quotation marks really would stop the #NiceGuys from putting in work in the first place?

Christian also gets some time in with music producer Ivan Barias as well as media personality Q Deezy, who both stop by to support #NiceBrand. Everybody at the festival was feeling electric, as “Made In America” is after all, one of Philadelphia’s biggest events of the year. From Kendrick Lamar to Wiz Khalifa and Beyonce, this year was as big as ever. And by the time night hit, things only started to heat up more. While the crowd was buzzing, Christian made sure to hop into the mix to spread some love. As we learned last year, Christian sleeps best after sweating profusely for five hours or more. So we know he was happy after this one. You could see it on the faces of the crowd; 2013 was something special for “Made In America”. If you haven’t seen the #NiceGuys video recap, well, check it out. And if you have seen it, throw it on again, you probably missed something.

Video: Fifth Harmony & Cher Lloyd Join #NiceGuys

November 21, 2013


Fifth Harmony & Cher Lloyd Join #NiceGuys:

Celebrity Pop Stars Team With #NiceGuys?

   Written By Adam Itkoff

At it again, the #NiceGuys are back to spread the good vibrations. This time, they head over to the Electric Factory to catch a live performance, and get some backstage downtime with pop sensations, 5th Harmony and Cher Lloyd. Q102’s “Maxwell” and Christian Crosby (aka the superstar duo of giggly goodness) head backstage with the #NiceGuys tees that we’ve heard so much about, and inaugurate all five members of 5th harmony, a lucky fan, and finally, Cher Lloyd herself. We’ve seen the #NiceBrand travel all across Philadelphia, and now the team grows a bit bigger with this one.

Christian winds up getting a signature from Cher herself, and still gets to catch her performance in front of hundreds of adoring fans. Now, we know Maxwell is hooking Christian up with these amazing inside-looks, and we can only wonder where #NiceBrand will wind up next!